Fourwin Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner


Fourwin Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner


  • Continuous Heavy Duty Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner.
  • Portable, easy release containers.
  • Varied range 2 HP, 3HP & 5 HP capacity available.
  • Advantageous, can add 2 Hose in one machine.

Fourwin Light Duty Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Available in different motor size, i.e single motor, dual motors and triple motors.
  2. Available in different size, i.e 20 Ltr, 40 Ltr, 60 Ltr and 70 Ltr.
  3. Professional Heavy Duty construction.
  4. Both wet & dry applications.
  5. For better performance - by pass type vacuum motor enabling and trolley for easy transportation.
  6. Load withstanding castors for easy maneuverability @ 360° swiveling.
  7. Accessories for various applications
    • like cobweb dusting,
    • grooves/edges vacuuming,
    • drapery/curtain vacuuming,
    • wet tool for collecting liquids,
    • brush nozzle for fine dust vacuuming.

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